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Teston Villa.pdf

What If? The TSR2

Walls of Jericho

The Roman Villa at Teston

The Roman Navy - Sea Eagles

A selection of historical PDF documents that can be downloaded or printed.

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Walls of Jericho
Are the Early Neolithic Walls of Jericho the First Evidence of Warfare?

Roman Villa at Teston
A Roman villa on the banks of the River Medway.

The Roman Navy
The Classis Britannica and the Roman conquest of Britain.

What If?
Tactical Strike & Reconnaissance aircraft of the 60’s.

Empire State
Exploring how the Roman military

shaped Britannia’s industries.

The Scottish Campaigns of Septimius Severus
A text & graphic article as a companion to my recent book release.

Empire State

The Scottish Campaigns of Septimius Severus

The Scottish Campaigns The Hand of God