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My first history book was published on the 3rd of August through the History Press.  Entitled 'Sea Eagles of Empire: The Classis Britannica and the Battles for Britain', it tells the story of the Roman Navy in Britain.  

The Roman War Machine  comprised land and naval forces, and although the former has been studied extensively, less has been written and understood about the naval forces of the Roman Empire and, in particular, the regional navies which actively participated in most military operations and policed the seas and rivers of the Empire.  Until the mid-3rd century, in a British context, this navy was the Classis Britannica – a strong fighting force in its own right.  Its composition, ship types, roles, tactics and technology have never been studied at length.  

Here I tell the story of this illustrious naval force in their metal-beaked galleys and their exploits defeating the enemies of the Emperor, keeping the peace around the British isles.

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